Artist's Statements


People used to enter my work with the tattoos of violence and illness covering their bodies. One needs to find some kind of splendor in those wounds to continue caring for the sick and abused. These paintings are my way of contrasting disgusting imagery with objects used for adornment. The decorative fused with the visceral causing a discomfort that questions this disgust with the anatomical. Images we only see when illness or injury are present. These things we are not meant to see cause a certain panic. I found beauty in that fear.

Watercolor Women

Since my teen years, I have been interested in the human body. It started as a way to understand and process my own illness and recovery. As I grow into my own adulthood, I use images that inspire me from advertisements or the fashion industry which help me reflect on my current identity as a new mother and as a nurse who has witnessed nightmares in action. By using watercolor, I am able to paint these women with blood red lips washing away into their surroundings, feeling lost or insubstantial.

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